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Setting Up a Wireless Network With Satellite Internet
By Moira Jansen

 Many rural home dwellers find themselves cut off from the outside world. Not only are they geographically isolated, modern technology has yet to come to these disconnected hinterlands; that is until now. With the advent of satellite engineering, many country home owners are setting their very own oases of connectivity. Satellite broadband has been proven to be the best option to use the net as it was designed; users can surf through web pages quickly and agilely, without having to suffer through downtime or lagging speeds that many dial-up users have to deal with. Additionally, with a satellite internet connection, you aren't restricted to one cable connecting only one computer. You can actually set up your own wireless home network; it's incredibly simple to achieve and you'll be able to take full advantage of your satellite service, having more than one computer connected to the world wide web at the same time.

In order to go about setting up a wireless home network, you obviously need an internet service, before you start anything else. Two-way satellite access is the most efficient and convenient service you can get. One-way, is an option, but ultimately, it may prove too cumbersome as it ties up your phone line.

Once you've a satellite broadband internet provider established, you will have to purchase the requisite equipment to get your network going. Some internet service providers will offer you a router as part of the set up package. Otherwise you can go to your local electronic store and purchase a wireless router; there are often sales to be had, or coupons to take advantage of. Stick to known brands like Linksys or Netgear. If your computer does not come equipped with an internal wireless networking card, you will need to buy a wireless adapter.

When using a wireless network adapter, simply plug it into a USB port in your computer; if your computer has an in-built wireless card, it should automatically detect the connection. Read the instruction manual to set up your router-if you need help, there's usually a toll-free helpline you can call. Many routers come with a one step setup CD, which will walk you through the entire process. If the router came as part of your satellite internet package, the installer will probably be able to help you set up everything.

It's all pretty simple. Once you have your network up and running, your whole family can surf the net at the same time. Do remember that, with a wireless network you are sharing the connection speed. This means that you will be splitting the speed with whomever else is on the network. The split will barely be perceptible if you choose the right plan for your needs. Today's satellite internet broadband providers offer a wide variety of packages and service plans to cater to everyone's needs. Don't hesitate to call today to find out more and have your home network set up in no time.

For a better internet experience, Hughes Net is the answer. The nation's leading satellite internet company lets you connect up to 50 times faster than dial-up. Don't sit around and wait for a slow dial-up connection. Go with Hughes Net internet and you'll see just how much easier your life can be!

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