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How to Select a Satellite Internet Plan

How to Select a Satellite Internet Plan by Satellite Family

 Selection of a satellite internet plan is an extremely important step in getting broadband internet via satellite from HughesNet. Don’t be lead into cheaper plans which offer minimal speeds when you can upgrade your plan and receive far superior speed for only ten dollars. The home package is the basic HughesNet plan and offers basic speed of 700kbps. This will get the job done but if you are upgrading from dial up to gain faster downloads and quicker web page loading, don’t sell yourself short. The Pro or the Pro Plus package is what you need. The Pro plan offers speeds up to 1000kbps and can handle connections for 2-3 computers. Another benefit of the pro package is its ability to handle wireless connections for laptops and other wireless accessories. The big brother of all the residential packages is the Pro Plus an extremely versatile package allowing its users all the same capabilities of DSL and T1 lines. The Pro Plus Package offers blazing speeds of 1500kbps and even has the capabilities of a static IP, a must for users seeking secure connections to servers.

Upload speeds also vary with the different HughesNet Packages. Upload speed plays an important role in sending emails, pictures, and files. If you plan to send a lot of files especially pictures or large documents a high upload speed is what you need. The Home package offers upload speeds of 128kbps which is a large increase over dial up. The Pro and the Pro Plus boast download speeds of up to 200 kbps.

All Residential HughesNet Plans come with these features: 24/7 live technical support there to help you with all your needs including setting up email accounts and billing questions; 5 free email accounts with up to 2GB of email storage allowing for plenty of room for storing photos, videos, and files; email defense that blocks and prevents spam mail and viruses via email; a personalized start page just like AOL or any other large scale internet service provider; HughesNet offers it’s customers a personalized start page with email, news, and other important content HughesNet customers specify; equipment and standard installation is included with all HughesNet packages and all HughesNet packages come standard with a 24 month equipment warranty covering the satellite dish and modem.

Residential HughesNet packages range from $59.99-$79.99 per month and normal installation is available within 3-6 business days of purchase.

Satellite Family is a nationwide dealer of HughesNet satellite internet service - a high speed internet provider to home and business in rural areas that can't get dsl or cable.

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