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RV Satellite Internet Dish


Anywhere Internet! What is it?

RV satellite internet dish Anywhere Internet! is a portable tripod satellite dish system for receiving high-speed Internet service virtually anywhere in Canada, anywhere in the USA and the northern part of Mexico.

The satellite Internet service is two-way solution - meaning a phone line is not required and you have complete freedom to set the system up anywhere as long as you have a clear line of site to the sky.  Anywhere Internet! is comprised of a specially designed mount that allows easy adjustment and aiming of the dish. 

What Does The System Consist Of? The system is comprised of five main parts that assemble/disassemble: 

1) Heavy-duty and stable tripod.

2) .74M VSAT (receive/transmit) satellite dish 

3) Satellite dish arm with receive/transmit electronics  

4) Custom tool-free adjustable "fine tune" mount

5) Satellite modem.

 Other system components:

 1) 50 ft. of dual RG-6 coaxial cable with compression connectors

2) Two flat coaxial adapters for running the cable through a window

3) 15 ft. for interior run of cable to modem

4) 6 ft. Ethernet cable and a custom length of same

5) Tripod anchors for securing the system in place: 12" tent pegs & a rubber bungee and center anchor.

6) Antenna security fence. 

Tools Provided For Finding and Aligning the Satellite

1) Smart aiming meter with LCD readout.

2) Silva compass.

3) Bubble level.

4) Detailed, illustrated instruction manual and quick setup instructions.

5) Toll-Free support line.   

Is It Difficult To Setup?

 With the step-by-step, detailed instruction manual and a little bit of practice you will be able to setup the Anywhere Internet system easily in less than 20 minutes.

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