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High Speed Satellite Internet

By Seth Miller

 The latest addition to the list of newer and faster Internet accessing techniques is satellite Internet. Satellite Internet is the technology to connect to the World Wide Web though a satellite orbiting the earth. The data signals are exchanged between the host computer, ISP source and satellite.

Satellite Internet services are primarily of two types: one way and two way. In one-way satellite service, information can be downloaded via the satellite at a very high speed, but uploading is done via a regular modem. Two-way satellite Internet service supports both downloading as well as uploading of information.  As uploading information through satellites may take slightly longer, it is advisable not to use this technology for applications which require fast, synchronous data transfer.

Using this service requires the installation of a dish at the user's location. Though expensive, this technology is extensively used in areas where terrestrial access to Internet is not viable, especially in sea vessels. The prime advantages of satellite Internet include: it can be used almost anywhere, it is fast, it offers 2-way connection speeds and unlimited access, and it is available in various packages to suit the user's needs.

Satellite Internet is also highly reliable. There are few incidences of a connection drop down while processing critical transactions via the net. Although a satellite connection facilitates fast Internet access, it is comparatively slower than other broadband technologies due to the long distance which the data has to travel. Its speed cannot be enhanced beyond a limit, while other services like DSL or Cable can attain much higher speeds.

However, without any wires or cables required, this technology is a sought-after option for far-off locations or sea vessels, as its reach is global. Various countries offer different methodologies to use this technology, depending upon the location of the satellite. Extremely reliable and safe, with newer and better improvisations in the pipeline, this technology is constantly improving.

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